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Lets be Partners, Not Clients or service provider
Flat Rates no hidden fees or nickel and diming Reach out today for a free consultation, and to pave the way to your business's future

Nxt Gen IT Solutions

Nxt Gen IT Solutions was created on the basis of using logic

and actually making a difference for our clients. actually fulfilling the needs and business requirements all within their budget. We are striving to carve a new future and a new segment of IT support and IT solutions,

We are creating ways to purchase IT service plans for your company without ever talking to a sales rep if you don't want to, we have a stress free and pressure-free sales system

Our ticketing system is by far the best in our opinion

we have 4 ways to submit tickets, and they all funnel in 1 system that our techs can view, and rapidly resolve your issue at hand, creating less downtime, increase in productivity and relieving stress

My question to you is,

Do you want to be a part of the future?

Do you want your Employees to have less stress and smile because their computers work? or that they will have faith that if they do have any issues they will be resolved quickly and have less stress because they know Nxt Gen IT Solutions has their back?

If you want the best IT Services company to provide solutions to your problems?

To help alleviate stress amongst your employees?

Then reach out today. call us, email us, or scroll down and submit a contact request. or even book a quote.

Because Nxt Gen IT solutions has your back.

We are bringing the future

We are bringing the Solutions

We are bringing the smiles back 1 computer at a time.

Nxt Gen IT Solutions.


Our Services

If you are wondering why you should choose Nxt Gen IT Solutions for your IT Services, Here is why,

Our Customer Service will beat any other companies

Our Attention to detail and our Client's Needs is Amazing!!

Our ability to Expertly resolve issues effeciently and with as little downtime possible. If there is any at all!

Down below are the services we are Subject matter experts in, and we offer.


Cloud Solutions

This Service will be Coming soon

Managed IT Services.png

Managed IT Services

We Manage ALL of your Computers, with as little downtime as possible. Our Customer Service is our first priority

Disaster Recovery.png

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery plan checklist includes identifying critical IT systems and networks, prioritizing the RTO, and outlining the steps needed to restart, reconfigure and recover systems and networks to minimize any negative affect on business operations


Mobile Wifi

Are you on a camp ground or a Construction company on a Jobsite? or hosting a party or large business meeting ? and need all of your guest to have wifi?

well we got your back,

with our popup wifi systems we can place them almost anywhere and  transmit Reliable and fast speeds.

Network Solutions.png

Network Solutions

On Premise Server and network Design, for new or existing buildings,

Support Consulting.png

Support Consulting

We Can manage your in house IT projects, or we can cradle to grave them, and support and maintain them as well. We can also Advise on the best IT solution for your organization.

Disaster Recovery.png

Cloud Desktop

We will Implement Virtual Technology that is cutting edge, and may reduce cost in the long run. that is caused by on premise hardware.

What is our pricing?

We have NO hidden fees!

Our Help desk and Desktop Support plans are priced at a flat rate. This allows your business to budget without any surprise costs. Reach out to us today and let us work together to bring you Nxt Gen IT Solutions, Let us Provide the solutions you need without breaking your budget!

Support Consulting.png

IT staffing

We have a vast network of resources, to place Techs at any location. our techs go through a background check and drug screening, and their skills are verified through a 3 stage process interview

Disaster Recovery.png

Our Mission

Our Mission, Is to bring the best quality of IT services and Customer service to our clients. 24/7

We strive every day to learn and to grow not only as a company but as a family.

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